So many questions

Q: Why is it important to have an arborist work on your trees

A: An arborist has special training to know about how to trim, water, feed and care for a tree to keep it healthy and beautiful. There are countless ways to damage a tree if you don’t know what you are doing.

Q: Why is oak wilt certification critical

A: Oak wilt disease is a big problem in Central Texas, and special training is required to diagnose and treat it. We have the certification and hands-on experience to know how to diagnose and manage issues with oak wilt disease.

Q: Do you use special equipment

A: Oh, yes. We have power pruners, chainsaws on a stick, a huge amount of safety equipment, special harnesses and ropes, and lots of different chainsaws. We have one chainsaw in particular that most competitors don’t have. It’s quite powerful.

Q: So, you’re into trees

A: I think about trees way too much. We always say we would do this even if we weren’t getting paid because it’s wonderful to work with trees. Sometimes you have to gaze at a tree for 30 minutes or so to determine the best places to thin the limbs.

Q: How much of a canopy should be trimmed

A: You don’t want to trim more than about 30 percent of a trees canopy in a given year, because that’s what the tree can handle and stay healthy. A tree has a complex vascular system, from the roots to the canopy. It’s absorbing nutrients and water and moving starches up and down this system, and if you upset that pressure exchange, the tree can become unhealthy.

Q: Is the consultation really free

A: Yes, we’ll come out to your property and evaluate your trees not just for aesthetics, but also for their overall health, an examination of their watering needs, what needs trimming, the health of the soil, and more … all at no cost.

Q: Are you present on every job

A: Absolutely. When you hire us, you get my expertise and my passion, as well as my arborist experience and oak-wilt certification.

Q: Why do you carry so much insurance

A: We work on some high-end homes, and we want our customers to be fully protected and have piece of mind.

Q: How do your prices compare

A: We are more expensive than the guy who shows up with a chainsaw, but we cost a lot less than big companies. It’s because we’re more efficient and we work really hard. Plus, we almost always are much more qualified than any of our competitors.

Q: What about safety

A: We’ve been doing this more than 13 years and never had an injury or safety-related incident. We have a safety meeting before every job, and we really don’t use ladders because that’s asking for trouble.

Q: You’re family owned and operated

A: Yes, I work with my brother, two daughters, and a stepson. My brother is a specialty tree climber who is certified in spelunking and knows all about technical rigging.


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