why use an arborist

Why use an arborist (who is certified)?

Pruning trees is more of an art than anything else. It requires a true sense of connection to the trees and how to relate. This is why the two most important things to explore when choosing an arborist are:

  • What is their education and training?
  • Do they actually care about the trees?

It is best to use someone who has earned a certification from the ISA (International Society of Arborsist) so you can be assured they know what they are talking about. As well you want to make sure you are not just dealing with someone who is trying to make a quick buck, and cut some limbs or remove a tree unnecessarily. Not only is it in the best interest of the trees to use a certified arborist, but it is also in the best interest of the client and environment.

We hear it a lot: ‘Why use an arborist?’

Arborists know what is best for your trees, and they have the equipment and experience needed to accomplish a job successfully, efficiently, and safely.

Unfortunately arboriculture is a much undervalued industry. It’s not always the case, but when it comes to building and construction, the arborist should be the first contractor to arrive and the last one to leave. This would maximize the trees ability to cope with the stress of the new environment. So one answer to, “Why use an arborist”? is that an arborist can work with an architect to improve the value of a property.

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